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Doors4Restaurants offers low-cost, high-quality double swinging restaurant doors. They are easy to install, easy to maintain and are built to withstand the abuse of your servers and bussers. We offer a wide range of double swinging restaurant doors, including Aluminum Lightweight Sheet Doors, Stainless Steel Sheet Doors, Decorative Lightweight Sheet Doors, Decorative Wood Core Doors, Wood Free Restaurant Doors and more! Our swinging kitchen doors are custom manufactured to the exact measurements you provide on the product page. When measuring for your restaurant doors, remember to measure your finished opening and not the door.

If you have questions or if you are not sure what type of door to order, give us a call or try our online chat. And remember, the only choice when it comes to doors for your restaurant, is Doors4Restaurants.com.

Aluminum Doors Aluminum Door Image

Aluminum Lightweight Sheet Doors (Economical)

Aluminum Doors with a Wood Core

Decorative Doors Wood Core Door Image

Decorative Lightweight Sheet Doors

Decorative Wood Core Doors

Stainless Steel Doors Stainless Steel Door Image

Stainless Steel Sheet Doors

Stainless Steel Wood Core Doors

Wood Free Doors Wood Free Door Image

Wood Free Restaurant Doors

Cafe Doors Cafe Door Image

Decorative Wood Core Café Doors

Wood Free Restaurant Gate Doors

Hollow Metal Frames Wood Core Door Image

Hollow Metal Door Frame

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